We need to meet you, see the property or proposed plans and discuss how we can best help! Then we can confirm appropriate design fees and agree how the designs might be prioritised to work with you & your schedule.

Architects, builders and first time clients, don’t always consider all the interior design implications, when combined with more structural or major refurbishment type work. So considering the fundamental elements from the start has many advantages including - spending less and avoiding frustrating mistakes! Even small details, such as simply moving an internal door could provide significant layout, storage or flow improvements. From experience we know the benefits of early planning, including the consideration of key furniture items and their positioning, before thinking about decorative schemes and lighting to help avoid any compromise or extra expense later.



We cover all aspects of interior design from concept to completion. Every client, brief & property is very different. Consequently we work closely with you to understand your requirements to provide the right creative and practical service. From contemporary to more traditional & classic styles, for one room or an entire house. From fully considered structural solutions, inside & out, to inspirational decorative schemes. With ‘many’ years of practical & creative experience, we have successfully worked on all kinds of projects. Including new builds, extensions and exterior styling, to open-plan kitchens with family rooms & orangeries to master bedrooms with a dressing room and an ensuite.

Our designs generally include overall layout considerations, along with room visual sketches and other pictorial reference, to give you the best understanding of how our ideas will look & work! Additionally, we can provide un-biased kitchen designs, which we consider as part of the overall project, to work with and compliment all the decorative & material elements including lighting and the wider integrated space.



We can give experienced recommendations and guidance for a look and feel to fit your brief - from paint colours & wallpapers, to all kinds of flooring, along with window treatments in numerous formats, fabrics & materials. Plus lighting design, as well as various other elements, such as bespoke or fitted furniture, AV considerations, radiators & fireplaces recommendations to art and accessories.



We can just focus on the more structural, planning and layout aspects of your project. To fully consider and clarify the overall design, structure and priority materials BEFORE committing to any build works or even thinking about the decorative details.

It’s not uncommon for us to take a project over from an architect, who’s designed the overall structure and obtained planning permission etc. But who has not fully resolved all of the lifestyle and everyday living requirements that impact on how the interior functions, performs and looks! For example - an integrated open-plan kitchen design, with fully considered style & material choices, to work with the structural parameters and your brief for a warm & welcoming home. This kind of service is ideally suited to larger conversions, refurbishments & renovations. Or new builds and extensions, at the planning or early build stage.



To give advice about what’s - possible, practical or appropriate, on a number of levels, including likely budgets for these goals and the value we can add to the project ‘before’ fully engaging us. Often working with the existing structure and reconfiguring the internal layout for the best possible use of space. Or discussing the potential for expansion, which could take many forms and budgets with all benefits and complexities of how it best connects and functions - overall. We also work from the inside out, considering the existing rooms/spaces to enhance the way the property is used and specifically avoid redundant or duplicated areas, which is regularly the case…



The design stage is an essential element for ‘any’ project and will be subject to your brief, the size, type of project and the extent of detail or specification required. For comprehensive room design allow £1000.00 + VAT. Larger dual-function rooms e.g. Kitchen/dining-rooms or projects that require structural & layout changes will be more.

If accurate drawings/plans are not already available, we will need to survey and draw-up plans. This will be essential for us to create the optimum design – for you and the room/property in question. Combined with the designs, these will also help clarify the work needed and to brief contractors. This service is chargeable and will be confirmed along with the main design estimate.



The designs usually take 2-3 weeks to complete. We will then ‘walk’ you through every aspect of your comprehensive & detailed design. Which include floor-plans, showing furniture in position, with suggested lighting and any bespoke or built-in elements. More complex and structural designs will probably include 3D illustrations. In addition to various picture references and samples including wallpapers, paint colours, flooring materials, fabrics and window treatments. All as appropriate and everything needed to explain and help you understand your designs.



We can provide various levels of service after the presentation. This involvement can be as flexible as you require and could include - ongoing guidance to help implement our designs, additional research, itemised specification or shopping lists, product or supplier web-links and other recommendations. Or using our experience and numerous proven specialist suppliers & contractors, we can produce written briefs & specifications, obtain estimates and oversee their works to ensure the designs are implemented as envisaged, planned & agreed. We can also work with your own team and help with aesthetic direction only when needed.

These additional management, sourcing and guidance services would be charged on an hourly basis. Usually we would submit a timesheet & invoice on a monthly basis or as appropriate for the works undertaken & agreed.

Furniture, lighting and materials that we source from our trade suppliers are generally inclusive of our time to specify and supply. This ensures the right items/styles are ordered to suit the design at no extra cost to you. Bespoke furniture and furnishings – such as curtains, blinds, upholstery and fitted joinery, including material supply, manufacture and installation, would ideally be co-ordinated and overseen by us personally to get the very best results. These items & services are then generally quoted inclusive of our project management time.



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