Why use Walk?

As you’ve probably found out, ‘The Interior Design Industry’ is not as straight forward as other professions. It seems to cover a multitude of disciplines from kitchen, bathroom and fireplace fitters to general decorators, online furniture & lighting stores, to flooring and soft furnishing services. All offering technical advice about ‘their' specific product or a general scheme with an infinite amount of choice and decisions still to be made. So knowing which direction to go for every aspect, to ensure all these elements work together, is immensely challenging.

"Our value is in the ‘overall’ design - with independent, client specific, tailored design and planning"
interior design by Walk ID

Walk provide creative and fully considered room designs with practical solutions, using our ‘many' years of experience and creative know how. This can and often includes design & direction for structural & layout improvements eg knock-throughs and open-plan kitchens etc. All in combination with the more decorative aspects of interior design. Rather than a series of separate product ideas or service recommendations, that are not considered with the bigger picture in mind. This is not really surprising, as you probably don’t want to get into conversations about which walls are best to remove when talking to a carpet supplier or what sofa would work best with your new wood-burning stove specialist. The best room designs & schemes don’t just happen by chance, they need to be planned with as much detail as possible from the very start!

Interior Design in Hampshire by Walk ID

The first step is a comprehensive briefing so we can fully understand all of your objectives, needs, lifestyle and tastes, in combination with the property and any practical implications in addition to an appropriate budget. Then armed with a survey and plans, we can fully consider the overall structure, room function & layout. Which should and needs to include the key furniture items, TV’s and any built-in storage/wardrobes etc all scaled and positioned to help understand and justify the space. Which then might highlight or inspire any internal structural (and some times external) changes to improve, function, access or flow further. These essential considerations are often overlooked or even ignored by builders & architects, as they just don’t generally get involved with these ‘inside details’ even though they may have various consequences or just lead to avoidable compromises.

Walk ID of Stockbridge Interior Design

With the new or existing structure defined, we then design & plan : Flooring materials and how they may be divided or zoned per room/area/function. Decorative schemes etc as appropriate to complete each room. Lighting plans, along with suggestions for TV placement & AV requirements. Heating, which may include radiators and/or under-floor, a new or existing stove/fireplace etc that may impact on and integrate with the rooms materials, function and electrical/plumbing locations. Plus any specific 'feature’ finish or material that is fixed to the building that may effect the layout. Along with window treatments type/style/concepts to help clarify any build or power supply requirements which may be necessary to give variable use throughout the day & night, black-out, acoustics, solar gain, privacy and how they look etc are all personal needs, as well as being appropriate for the space!

As independent un-biased designers, we create room designs specifically for you and your home - as a whole. Making the decisions and selecting materials, finishes, furniture and numerous other products and specialist services that we know, from our experience are going to work together, fit the brief and the overall scheme. We work with and draw from ‘many' different sources and suppliers, sifting through everything to give you the best solutions & combinations. This way the design achieves maximum potential without being restricted to a generic ‘one-shop-look’ or a mis-match of items that looks far from ‘ecelectic’. This approach also works particularly well for kitchens & bathrooms as we are not restricted to any particular brand, sales oriented agenda or the limitations/focus with specific product/supplier.

Stockbidge Interior Designers Walk ID

The designs we produce are extremely comprehensive, visualising the design through artists drawings and floor-plans as well as samples of materials, as appropriate. These are all created by us personally, we do not use junior assistants or sub-contractors for the creative part! The design service includes the briefing & presentation, along with A3 hard copy print-outs and design PDF’s. These are the best way to review the ideas & details later and to forward onto relevant contractors & suppliers so the designs/works can be costed & implemented.

Interior Design and Interior Architecture in Hampshire by Walk ID

Once the designs are completed we can provide various levels of service and ongoing guidance to help you implement our designs. This involvement can be as flexible as you require and could include - additional research, itemised specification or shopping lists, product or supplier web-links and other recommendations. Or a ‘hand-over briefing’ where we can personally talk through the designs with various specialist trades so things aren’t misinterpreted and take it from there. Also see our services page for more details.