What are the differences between an interior architect, interior designer and an interior decorator?

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Expectations have changed towards interior architecture in recent years with the preference for open plan living regardless of how big or small the space is.

Interior Architecture

Interior architecture is somewhat of a combination of interior design and architecture. Conceptually, an interior architects’ main concern is the (re)construction and (re)shaping of an interior space.

Starting with an existing structure and designing alterations within, it can range from minor wall & door rearrangements to gutting the interior space, down to the shell and fully redesigning it. As well as existing spaces, the interior architect is commonly used to advise on extensions, basement and loft conversions to maximise their potential and purpose.

Architecture in this sense is related to a pre-existing building and changing the structure inside. Concentrating on the purpose & circulation and how it effects the light & views, as well as the practical use of the space. Perhaps taking over from (or working along side) an architect or structural engineer to ensure the ideas are achievable and built in the correct way. All before the decorative and finishing specification.

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Interior Designers

Interior designers can also be involved with a building project from the beginning, with less structural aspects to resolve. Professional interior designers are experienced in planning an existing space and the room layout.

However this may include recommendations to alter some built-in elements to create the best possible functioning space out of the current structure. This might include a bespoke staircase or intergrated storage solutions. Interior designers consider light, electrical & plumbing services and other fitted design aspects like kitchens, bathrooms and ensuites. As well as all the main surface finishes for floors & walls and final details necessary to complete a room.

Professional interior designers are experienced in planning an existing space and the room layout.

The art of a good interior designer is about being able to interpret people’s needs and produce designs that work well and look good!

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Interior Decoration

Interior decoration generally does not involve any structural reconfigurations or altering the room layout. The decorating aspect of interior design is primarily creating the interior atmosphere, choosing the colours, finishes and furnishings of a room. To capture the personality & style of the owners and express it in their space, or to transform an unwelcoming & dated interior into a contemporary & warm home.

All aspects of interior design are equally as challenging and we at Walk interior design have the experience to help - whatever the scenario!