To move or improve? It's a dilemma

Interior Design Q&A

If you’re trying to decide whether a more modern or larger property would be better for your current situation, or to stay where you are and make improvements, it might be a good idea to take a step back and evaluate ALL your options. There will be a number of different factors, including the type of house, structure, build materials, the area you live in and how emotionally attached you may have become to your home in addition to your longer-term plans. And of course the cost.

Relocation is not always the best solution if you actually like the location of your current house and all it has to offer - over the space it provides, or the style of the interior, or even the structure itself. All these aspects could be altered with the potential to off-set the costs of moving against a decent proportion of the work needed to get what you want, where you want it.

Improve with interior design

Very few of us find the perfect new property that ticks all the boxes. There’s invariably always something that you’d like to change - which all comes at an additional cost. Depending on the level of renovation work needed, there inevitably will be some upheaval and disruption, but this could be more so with moving and having to make changes as well.

How we live and entertain in our homes today is radically different to how most older homes were designed to perform. The kitchen has become the heart of the home, acting as a working hub, dining facility, family zone and entertaining space where everyone hangs out at the same time. There may also be a TV snug/cinema room and/or playroom as well as a calm relaxing lounge space that may include a fireplace or stove to escape and unwind.

interior architectural improvements

If you plan to invest time and money in a certain area of your house, looking at the broader context will ensure that the new space flows smoothly with the existing ones in both function and style. Therefore all these inter-connecting rooms would need to be planned together to achieve the very best use of space, as well as cohesiveness, from the earliest possible start.

Having decided to stay put and knowing that several areas of your home need improving - where should you begin? With our experience of numerous small and large scale renovations, we can help you design, plan and prioritise these changes and improvements to determine budgets & schedules using the most suitable suppliers & contractors. Typically our designs start with a comprehensive ‘overall’ assessment of the area before focusing on the relationships between rooms, then concentrate on the individual purpose.

Having decided to stay put and knowing that several areas of your home need improving - where should you begin?

The ‘most-used’ areas and any structural changes generally need to be tackled first. Like a new kitchen, utility & dining extension. Whereas the master bedroom & ensuite may have to wait until funds are freed-up. But at least you’ll have a plan for the essential requirements and services for all your needs in advance!

Interior Design - original floor plan

Instead of focusing on single tasks or items, keeping the big picture in mind with a ‘master-plan’ will help address your property as a whole. So the intended improvements work together and complement each other - whether they’re completed at the same time or with rest space between. Either way, having the fuller design from the very start means that everything will work together - in the end.