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We’re both forward-thinking as people & designers so being invited to attend the various trade shows throughout the year is always exciting. We gain insider knowledge on the latest designs within the industry, seeing new product launches, innovative methods, future technologies and traditional craftsmanship.

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We’re aware of many new things in advance of the consumer, receiving bulletins online and through specialist publications etc, but it’s always good to see things in reality for scale, texture, technique and to be in-touch with the design world in general. It’s inspirational and interesting to see what’s trending, where the industry is going and what the latest ‘buzz’ is. But as a rule, we try not to ‘follow trends’ choosing to absorb an overall feel for how we would all like to live in today’s modern world.

open planning

’Personal expression’ is a current trend. Turning something that is mass-produced or generic into your own style and can be achieved at all budget levels, whether it’s a bargain find that you can renovate yourself, or commissioning something bespoke and personal to you. ‘Copying’ what everyone else seems to have is not very individual, but understanable when you’re faced with features in all kinds of ways - from shop windows to social media all tempting you to buy into the latest looks, these influences cannot be ignored. They’re immediate, easily accessible and make it simple to emulate current trends. 


Interior Design

We like to freshen things up a bit as much as anyone, with seasonal layers, swopping art around or adding a new piece of furniture.The trick to finding a way through the trends is to identify what works for your home and your personality. Pick something key from the style you like and use sparingly. Whether it’s a colour like the latest trend for rich azure blue or dusky pink. Or a material like exposed brick & concrete. 

Interior Design

One trend that’s currently going to stay for while (and we’re all for!) is ‘Comfort’. Formal living is much less important these days with most people preferring open-plan living for flow and good interaction, whether just for the family, socially or having the flexibility for both. Making every inch of our homes work well and work hard.  Whatever the room’s final purpose, it needs to be relaxed and welcoming, with a balance of family heirlooms and found objects that tell a personal story, as well as a few contemporary pieces and of course layered lighting to lift a large space from being average, to a place with atmosphere and variability. This is no easy task. Sometimes existing pieces have to be retained for emotional or financial reasons and these can lead a certain direction with the interior design. Using pieces from an old property with a different style when you’ve moved on to a newly designed space can be a real challenge. However a mix of styles can very successfully be combined to create a new look you didn’t think would work. 

Interior Design

It takes insight and expertise to guide the way through current trends and help create a home that feels 'just right' for you!

This is exactly what WALK INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN do - naturally!