managing interior design expectations

Open Plan or Broken Plan

Have you come to the realisation your home layout does not work or you need more space? .... But is one combined space right for you and your house - or should you consider a ‘broken-plan’?

managing interior design expectations

Pre-Design Consulting & Appraisal

Not everyone knows what direction to take when they’re thinking about improving, renovating and/or altering their property - or what the potential of a property ‘yet to be purchased’ might be!

managing interior design expectations

Managing Expectations

when taking on an interior refurbishment or a structural remodel. Have in mind ’Lagom’, the Swedish word for ‘just the right amount’ - a simpler more considered building is better than extreme shapes or enormous proportions.

interior design

Interior Trends

We’re both forward-thinking as people & designers so being invited to attend the various trade shows throughout the year is always exciting. We gain insider knowledge on the latest designs ...

interior design

Why Use Walk?

As you’ve probably found out, ‘The Interior Design Industry’ is not as straight forward as other professions.  It seems to cover a multitude of disciplines from kitchen, bathroom and fireplace...

interior lighting design

Interior Lighting Design

Lighting can lift a room from being average, to a place with atmosphere and variability. But it’s no easy task, so hiring professional help can be a good investment.

Managing an Interior Design Project

Once your interior has been designed - making it a reality is the next challenge! Project management covers the specific details, the planning and the organisation to implement.....

Behind The Business

Whether a complete home renovation, extension, remodelling of the entire interior, or an exciting new scheme designed for a single room the clients experience is always .....

‘Flexible-Plan’ Living

For many years now open-plan properties have been favoured by homeowners, for offering a greater sense of spaciousness. But walls or at least partitions, are starting to come back .

A well-designed interior

The key to the success of any building is a well-designed interior.  Good architecture is a wonderful start, but a home is not just...

The cost and value of interior design

We’re sometimes asked how much it will cost for an interior design. But without knowing what level of design is needed, or taking a brief, it’s like asking how much a diner party will cost...

Why family homes have got bigger

At the turn of the last century the average family home had three bedrooms and one small bathroom, a narrow hall, a sitting room with a fireplace at the front and a small kitchen with separate dining room at the back.

Bath time

A stylish, elegant or extra bathroom (no matter how small) will increase your home’s value. Bathrooms can be created in any room where waste locations are feasible or ideally...

Risky decorating

We spend a big percentage of our time within the confines of our homes at this time of year. Long dark days & nights, and wet weekends enforcing stay-in’s.

To move or improve? It's a dilemma

If you’re trying to decide whether a more modern or larger property would be better for your current situation, or to stay where you are and make improvements, it might be a good idea to take a step back and evaluate ALL your options

Student Q&A with Walk Interior Design

Recently, Walkid were asked by a local interior design student to take part in a study that investigated the reasons behind the design choices that home owners make when decorating…

A walk around a trade show

Just a small cross-section of materials, furniture & products that caught our attention at Decorex this year. It really was an impressive trade only show.