Walk is a Hampshire based interior architecture & design company, set up by Gary & Elaine in 1995. Providing twenty five years of expertise in interior design. Encompassing structural interior & exterior design guidance for renovations, new-builds, extensions, open-plan living and spatial-planning. Considering both the functionality & appearance of the space, whilst being skilful in the use of light, colour and textures to make it a home.

We specialise in evaluating the overall structure and layout, then create plans & drawings that shows placement of walls, windows, doors, plumbing, electrical requirements and any structural accents, flooring, general lighting and window treatments, along with AV advice and furniture placement. Or anything that’s fixed to the building that may effect the works needed to progress.

We can additionally design all aspects of the decoration, or at later stage, as needed. Including all finishes & style directions for kitchen & bathrooms and bespoke furniture & furnishings. Resulting in fully thought through creative & practical solutions to satisfy your brief.

Our wide and varied selection of projects include large family homes in need of a major renovation to urban apartments. Whatever your project may require - our involvement from the earliest possible stage helps to avoid unnecessary compromise and expense.

Please take a look at our extensive portfolios and details about our various services, advice articles, numerous testimonials plus magazines and TV features. And contact us - info@walkid.co.uk or 01794 388 886 to discuss your project and how we can best help!