The interior designs we create take a comprehensive look at the whole space. We focus on the relationships between individual items and all the materials used in the finishing decorative details, as well as larger areas that require more problem solving ideas such as improved storage and lighting.

We evaluate the overall internal layout and fully consider all aspects of the interior decoration from the furniture layout and style to window treatments, wall coverings, flooring and lighting. In addition to any other elements as required, from TV positioning, radiator and fireplace styles, art installation & accessories.

Ensuring the new space flows smoothly with the existing rooms in both function and style for the way you want to live, not a show home. Real living spaces for real people with families (and pets!).

We draw from many different sources and suppliers for the numerous materials, finishes and products needed. Researching everything to give you the best combinations and the appropriate mix for your home and interior. Creating the design and interest it deserves without being restricted to a generic one-shop-look.

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