We’re occasionally asked to be involved with commercial projects as we can offer an unbiased, less generic design direction which some re-fit contractors seem to sway towards.

These commissions are usually smaller in scale and often working directly with the private business owner to get exactly what’s needed.

Over the years our commercial design projects have been vary varied - including several private dental practices with ideas to upgrade the reception & waiting rooms to the more welcoming and contemporary areas expected of today’s clientele! As well as design concepts for a themed bar/venue inside an old listed bank, a number of small cafes/restaurants & bars, an independent estate agent, financial advisors and other small offices & studios. In addition to providing decorative advice & schemes only for a couple of golf clubs, social clubs and even the players private lounge for SFC at their training ground.

Our advice has extended to interior design and finishing details for property developers, including houses and show apartments.

Plus room set designs for some companies who need to promote their products in what looks like a real home - but is in reality a staged set!

As experienced designers, we visualise the end result as there are numerous steps to go through to complete the work and having a design from the very start helps everyone understand the goal and budget accordingly! Commercial clients often have the skills & trades to ‘make it happen’ - but not the creativity or vision needed to fulfil their brief or overall requirements. We have the ideas that can add an extra level of design, detail and variety in the types of projects we undertake.

We’re happy to offer a flexible approach from pure design concepts & visualisation only, to fully realised & managed interiors. We have no problem in working with preferred teams or trades or recommending ‘tried & tested suppliers’ we’ve worked with before. Every project is different and we appreciate we may not be needed for every stage - apart from the design!

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